“PreLong Reduces Premature Ejaculation and Increases Stamina...”

“Does Sexy Time End
Quicker Than A Quickie?”

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“Experience Maximum Pleasure And Intensified Orgasms With PreLong”

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“Experience Maximum Pleasure And Intensified Orgasms With PreLong”

Here’s How Men Are Breaking New Records
For Penetration Performance.

It takes time to turn a woman on to the point where her body becomes ready for orgasm. When she achieves arousal and engorgement, she can keep coming again and again… All night if she desires.

Throughout the ages, men strived to prolong their stamina. One in four men consider themselves “premature ejaculators.”

That’s 25% of guys who periodically or routinely feel they ejaculate “too fast.” Guys as young as their 20s and as old as their 90s experience the performance pummeling pitfalls of P.E.

When 25% of men routinely feel they can’t last enough, it’s not a condition, it’s a normal part of the spectrum of male sexual response.

But that doesn’t make those guys feel much better. They just want to have more stamina. Being a quick trigger builds on itself because what isn’t clearly explained is that P.E. is rarely a physical problem.

There are a small minority of men who have accelerated sensation experiences. They just feel so much pleasure they cannot last.

However, the most common causes of P.E. among men—even in their prime—are stress, anxiety, mood issues, and depression. Teenage sexual experiences, frequent quick masturbation practices, overstimulation, smoking, and drinking are also found to cause stamina issues.

The secret to lasting longer for most men is calming down the anxiety about coming too fast.

Now there is a daily supplement men can take that not only elevates your general day-to-day mood, it lowers performance anxiety so you can last longer during sex.

Introducing: PreLong

The Power To Last As Long As She Wants You To (Maybe Even Longer)

Pressure, Not Pleasure,
Is The Common Enemy.

The pressure of performing to your peak under the sheets causes unnecessary anxiety.

Anxiety in the bedroom kills mood, drive, and orgasmic potential. Anxiety in relationships causes a lack of confidence, communication, and intimacy.

Men who report lasting less than a minute carry this burden each time they get intimate with a partner.

If you resort to numbing creams, thick condoms, or thinking about “baseball stats” during sex to shift your attention away from the pulsating pleasure, you’re robbing your partner of your presence.

She wants you to show her how much she turns you on. Because that turns her on!

Forfeiting pleasure in order to last a wee bit longer cheats both of you. That’s not a solution you want, is it?

You want to experience maximum pleasure. You want to feel the very best orgasms each time you make love, but only when you (or your partner) want it to happen.

You want to have the calmness, control, and presence in your relationship. Being nervous, anxious, depressed, even moody can kill all the good things you’ve built up and nurtured over the years.

And not a second sooner.

For this reason, I want to introduce you to America’s leading urologist, and the champion of “Manhood Optimization” throughout the globe.

Dr. Judson Brandeis

Extraordinary Urologist

“Dr. Judd,” as he’s fondly called by his patients, is a practicing board-certified urologist at the Brandeis MD Male Rejuvenation Center.

He doesn’t believe every problem requires surgery just because he’s a penile and prostate surgeon. Much of Dr. Brandeis’ practice focuses on sexual regenerative solutions from his SPUNK, PreLONG and SupporT supplement formulations to GAINSWave treatments to testosterone replacement therapy.

As a thought-leader, Dr. Brandeis is currently conducting five simultaneous IRB-approved clinical research studies of major importance for men’s sexual health including:

Dr. Brandeis is a champion for men’s full sexual function, not just for urogenital health.
“Every man deserves complete fertility, full pleasure, sensation, ability to achieve and experience a massively pleasurable climax and full erectile performance for as long as you live.”
Dr. Judson Brandeis, Urologist

Judd knows more about penises and prostates than almost any other doctor. As a physician-educator, he trains other doctors on the latest procedures for the full-functioning of the entire male urogenital system.

Voted Top Urologist in the SF Bay Area for the past 6 years, and as former Chief of Urology for the John Muir Hospital, Dr. Brandeis knows first hand how the medical system is not oriented toward prevention. That is one of the reasons he turned his focus to regenerative treatments and preventative supplements for men’s most common issues: low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate problems.

Dr. Judd is a living legend in his field, and has been featured on TV, in magazines, on radio shows and podcasts in addition to speaking at major medical conferences.

The good doctor is currently the Director of Sexual Medicine at The Aesthetics Show and an author of Sexual Medicine chapters for many medical textbooks.

This is why Dr. Brandeis formulated his very own health supplements to help men feel great, look good, and have better sex.

FINALLY! PreLong Lets You Go
From “Minute Man” To “Forever Man”

PreLong provides unstoppable sexual performance:

The One-Two Punch Urologist-Researched Ingredients For Maximum Staying Power And Cool, Calm Control

St. John’s Wort promotes healthy mood and better sexual presence…

St John’s Wort is the flowering plant Hypericum perforatum. Even the name of the plant cuts through “cuming too fast.”

It’s a popular herbal remedy recommended both by licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and widely prescribed for anxiety and the depression associated with anxiety in many European countries.

St. John’s Wort is well known as a healing botanical, used in the treatment of wounds, bruises, burns and sores. It has also been found to decrease nervousness and tiredness.

The lower your anxiety in the bedroom, the more easily you can control ejaculatory urges, experience higher levels of sensual pleasure, and be more present with your partner. All of which are important to maintaining ejaculatory control during sex.

“For patients with mild-to-moderate depression, St John’s wort has comparable efficacy and safety when compared to SSRIs. Follow-up studies carried out over a longer duration should be planned to ascertain its benefits.”1

“SJW monotherapy for mild and moderate depression is superior to placebo in improving depression symptoms and not significantly different from antidepressant medication.” 2

“Clinical studies (homeopathic remedies, dry extracts) highlighted dental pain conditions as a promising SJW application. In vivo and in vitro studies showed that the main components responsible for the pain relieving activity are hyperforin and hypericin. SJW analgesia appears at low doses (5-100mg/kg), minimizing the risk of herbal-drug interactions produced by hyperforin, a potent inducer of CYP enzymes.” 3

“The available evidence suggests that the hypericum extracts tested in the included trials a) are superior to placebo in patients with major depression; b) are similarly effective as standard antidepressants; c) and have fewer side effects than standard antidepressants. The association of country of origin and precision with effects sizes complicates the interpretation.” 4

L-Citrulline helps improve blood flow, give more energy, and increase muscle performance…

L-Citrulline is a naturally-occuring amino acid found in watermelon, cabbage, and spinach. It is also produced naturally in the body. Its most significant effect is to improve overall blood flow in the body.

With more blood flow comes improved exercise and physical performance, added energy, and overall health and well-being.

L-Citrulline has been used to help people with fatigue, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

“L-citrulline supplementation has been proved to be safe and psychologically well accepted by patients. Its role as an alternative treatment for mild to moderate ED, particularly in patients with a psychologically fear of phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme inhibitors, deserves further research.” 4

“These results indicate that l-citrulline has a modest effect of improving muscle blood flow during submaximal exercise in older men.” 5

“In conclusion, these results suggest that short-term Cit, but not Arg, supplementation can improve blood pressure, V̇o2 kinetics, and exercise performance in healthy adults.” 6

“Reductions in resting blood pressure with L-citrulline/watermelon supplementation may have major implications for individuals with prehypertension and hypertension. L-Citrulline supplementation, but not acute ingestion, have shown to improve exercise performance in young healthy adults. ” 7

“there is evidence that L-citr works better as ergogenic than L-arg does on physical performance, since L-citr showed a positive effect on the rate of perceived exertion and muscular pain, in addition to a decrease in lactate concentrations and time in maximum tests. ” 8

Prolong The Pleasure And Passion

Simply taking 2 capsules a day with meals will change your relationship and sex life for the better.

PreLong contains St. John’s Wort that has been scientifically-found to help improve your mood and mental space.

With a better ability to be present with your partner during intimacy, and not having to muddy your mind with pressure to perform, you can enjoy the seconds, minutes, or hours you want.

You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to be free from the worry of ending the night too soon.

Get Beefy With The Blood Flow

PreLong supports better blood flow to your genitals and all your parts. That means more nutrients and life-giving oxygen for optimal physical and mental performance.

Male sexual performance is greatly improved by having better blood circulation. This gives you the ability to give it your HARDEST and BEST effort during physical intimacy.

The confidence boost this gives you adds even more to your mental focus, relaxation and control during intense sensual pleasure.

Cool, Calm, Confidence, And Control

PreLong gives you the ability and confidence to conquer and dominate the bedroom experience without worrying about the enjoyment ending too soon.

Improved mood, clearer headspace, and being more present with your partner during the experience turns it into a marathon and not a sprint.

Being in a better mood all through the day also improves your overall relationship.

With more nutrients and oxygen delivered to the muscles in your body, including your “love muscle,” you not only have confidence and control “down there” but everywhere as well.

Enjoy every carefree second of orgasmic pleasure until the very end when you both climax in each other’s arms. Or keep going and turn evening into morning.

How To Get Max Benefits ASAP.

Needs a section here about titration. You start with 2 capsules a day but can take more over time. How much and should you take them at night, during the day or before sex? Can you take two a day and 2 more before sex? Or not take before sex, just take religiously every day to build up the effect in your system? When will you know if you took too much? What is the downside? How long does it take to work?

What’s NOT Inside?

Here’s one IMPORTANT thing. PreLong is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, caffeine-free, and non-GMO.

Dr. Judson Brandeis made sure to use only the best quality ingredients for his supplements. However, always consult your physician before use if you’re currently taking over-the-counter medication, prescription meds, or have any medical condition.

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We also use recyclable HDPE, which is the smarter and greener choice towards sustainability. Please recycle.


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