90-Day Money Back Guarantee
90-Day Money Back Guarantee


Your Vitality Is Our Core Mission

We are champions and advocates for anyone who wants to have plenty of energy, vitality and a lust for life all your live-long days.

The20 company name comes from the “80|20 Rule.” You’ve heard of it, right?

20% of your effort generates 80% of your results… if you just knew which 20%…  

We do know, because we focus on the research and data around effective natural compounds that support ageless vitality. And we use those botanicals and substances which are safe yet provide noticeable results. That’s why we called ourselves, “The20.”

We consider ourselves a 21st-Century global “Mom and Pop Shop.”  The company was founded by Susan and Tim Bratton, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who brought their tech skills to the health world. Happily married for nearly 30 years, Suz and Tim epitomize people who have a palpable lust for life.

Our entire company works from home all around the world: San Francisco, Kerala, Manila, Mumbai, Davao, Austin, Barcelona… We are a 15-year old family business to our core.  We stand for gender spectrum inclusivity; family leave for everyone as needed for births, deaths, acts of God and good old time off; we support sustainable, organic food, farming and fishing, and botanicals over pharmaceuticals whenever possible. 

And we consider YOU part of our family. We’ve been answering your questions and helping you live a happier, more connected life year-in year-out since 2006. The20 is our second company together as a well-oiled team.

We have a long, strong history of heart-centered Customer Care.

Beyond our customer-first and family-first values, here are some other things we believe in. See if we are a values-match with what’s important to you for the brands you choose:

Providing foundational supplements our customers trust. Our focus is on the simple-yet-most-important nutrients a body needs for vitality, which include a daily vitamin-mineral complex and an all-important blood flow supplement. Your circulatory system is your body’s energy superhighway!

We custom-formulate our offerings to leverage the blessings of nature and the science of nutrition and longevity. Our products are an orchestra of quality materials that help you attain the most vitality possible.

Our roots are in the intimate wellness space, which is why we have a passion for supporting your libido as well as your overall energy. Our formulations are focused not just on a healthy body, but on a healthy sex drive.

If our roots are in your lower chakra (the seat of your power) our heart is in Mother Earth. To that end, our religion is recycling. We choose to use recyclable HDPE plastic bottles for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging which can be reused and recycled, again and again. Recycling HDPE reduces the plastics in landfills and our oceans and decreases the number of natural resources used in producing virgin plastic products. HDPE containers are the smarter and greener choice towards sustainability.

We Are Here To Answer Any Questions

We’ve been supporting our customers and followers since 2006. Just give us a call or send us an email. We would be delighted to talk to you, or reply to your questions. 

support@dothe20.com      Phone +1 307-240-6862