90-Day Money Back Guarantee
90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Taste-test the new sexual vitality bar…

“The DESIRE Bar Special Offer: Buy One, Get Two More Free."

A deliciously made and blissfully enjoyed snack with an all-organic blend of tasty dark chocolate, peanut buttery goodness, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, 200 mg of cacao polyphenols and 1.5 grams of powerful maca.

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The Ultimate Guilt-Free Indulgence

Many energy bars taste like you’re being punished for trying to make healthy choices. With the DESIRE Bar, you’ll finally find yourself enjoying a mouthwatering treat that satisfies your taste buds without sacrificing your health. With a delectable combination of flavors and textures, you’ll be tempted to enjoy one every day — and that’s a great thing!

So Creamy, So Delicious…
No Awkward Smiles

The DESIRE Bar is crafted with a perfect balance of taste and nutrition. It’s not too sweet, with just the right amount of chewiness and crunchiness, and it doesn’t leave a sticky mess on your teeth. Plus, with the #1 favorite flavor combination in America — chocolate and peanut butter — you’ll be hooked from the first bite.

Clean and Healthy Source Of Fuel

This nutritious and delectable snack provides you with a clean and healthy source of fuel to keep you going throughout the day. With every bite, you’re not only enjoying the delicious chocolate-and-peanut-butter goodness, but you’re also supporting your overall health and well-being.

“RAWR!” With Your Heart’s Desire

The feeling of bursting vitality is a sign of a healthy body. Tap into that power, letting your inner “RAWR!” burst forth magnificently. Support your body’s vitality and overall health, allowing your inner strength to shine.

Kindle the Fire Within

When your body receives the nutrients it craves, you can thrive and enjoy a life overflowing with health and happiness. Stoke the embers of passion and desire for an intimate life well-lived and enjoyed.


Hi, my name is Susan Bratton. I’m an Intimacy and Wellness Expert to millions and the founder of The20. Our mission started with a simple question. “How can I help lovers of life everywhere achieve their best intimate health and sexual vitality?”

This led me all across the country to speak with the smartest minds; doctors, experts, and researchers — then all across the globe to find the most potent ingredients and the most organic and sustainable of sources.

We first created the FLOW and DESIRE supplements. And now I’m proud to tell you about the DESIRE Bar; your new, favorite intimate health treat.

All-in-all, this unique ecosystem of ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in all our products work together to give you the fuel and fire you need for optimal health and sexual vitality.


We stand for healthy ingredients that make a real difference.

Our company, “The20” comes from the Pareto Principle. This is the 80/20 rule. This states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Imagine if you knew which 20% was what worked! Life would be so much more productive and optimal.

Well, we do know what works because we pay for the research data. Then we go the extra mile to make high-quality ingredients for you, our friends, and our families. And we put the ingredients that work into our formulations. Because our name is our reputation. We want you to be confident that you are getting the best. The best source of ingredients for all-important daily health and wellness.

Cacao: The Sensual Fruit of the Gods

Cacao, the sacred fruit of the ancient Aztecs, known by everyone as delicious chocolate, is a delightful treat that takes you on a journey to the heavens with its rich, velvety taste. But the magic doesn’t end there. 

Chocolate is a source of antioxidants, flavonols, vitamins, and minerals that have been traditionally associated with supporting heart healthmoodcognitive function, and healthy blood flow. Enjoy the rich taste of delicious Swiss chocolate while nourishing your body.

Maca: The “Mighty Hammer” of the Andes

Maca, a Peruvian root, is traditionally used for its potential association with overall vitality. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that may contribute to energy levelshormonal balance, and mood when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Embrace the power of Maca, and let your inner warrior prevail.

Pumpkin Seeds: The Prostate Protector

Packed with essential nutrients, pumpkin seeds support prostate health, and balanced testosterone levels ensure your passion for life remains strong and healthy.

Flaxseed: The Omega Powerhouse

Flaxseed is rich in omega fatty acids, providing essential nutrients for overall health and well-being.

Peanuts: The Protein and Fiber Hero

We chose peanuts as a quality source of protein and fiber. They not only make the DESIRE Bar taste amazing but also help support gut health and regularity.



Here’s one IMPORTANT thing. The DESIRE Bar is gluten-free, lactose-free, caffeine-free, and non-GMO.

All our ingredients are made from organic fruits and vegetables.


We care about all of our customers and know many of them by name. We’d love to know you! Some of our repeat customers have been “part of the family” for over a decade.

We want to delight you. Earn your trust. And we want you to feel healthy and happy. Experience how the DESIRE Bar makes you feel.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results — we’ve got you covered. Return the unused portion within 90 days of purchase. Our experienced customer care team will take care of you. They will issue a full refund, minus any shipping and handling fees.

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We strive to provide the best science-backed products that deliver the most effective results possible.

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Our Promise:

We strive to provide the best science-backed products that deliver the most effective results possible.

Easy access to our loving customer care team by calling +1 307-240-6862.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.